Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Homework Number 1-1 (09/08/2016)

7th Grade Supply List

·      2 marble notebooks for ELA, 2 for Math, 1 each for SS and Science  (6 total)
·      4 folders (one for each subject, labeled with the subject and teacher’s name)
·      2 packages of loose-leaf
·      1 pack of graph paper
·      one package of index cards
·      hand sanitizer
·      2 glue sticks
·      1 package of colored pencils or markers
·      1 package of pencils
·      1 package of pens (blue or black ink)
·      Post-its
·      1 package of computer paper
·      construction paper
·      1 package of baby wipes
·      2 rolls of paper towels
·      two boxes of tissues

1. Return signed contract.
2. Think of ways you used math this summer.  (Bring in a picture or draw.)
3. Your summer math packet due Tuesday.

In a complete paragraph, describe the demonstration that you observed during class.  Give as much detail as possible.

Return blue cards and index contact cards.

Social Studies
1. Please ask an adult to email me at  

2. “Can studying history help us to live better lives today?”  Answer this question in a complete paragraph.  Be honest!

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