Friday, September 30, 2016

Homework Number 1-16 (09/30/2016)


Edit, revise, and rewrite the paragraph you wrote about the rock cycle (draft and publish on loose-leaf). Use at least five content vocabulary words.  I will collect both copies tomorrow and grade your published copy (50 points)

Grading Rubric
I can:

  1. Write a neat, organized paragraph with a title (10 points)
  2. Include and underline at least five vocabulary words (10 points)
  3. Include a draft and a final copy that shows evidence of revision (10 points)
  4. Correctly describe the science concepts that are an important part of the rock cycle. (20 points)

Rewrite your essay by working on one paragraph per night.  Neat, polished copies are due on Wednesday.

Social Studies
Your DBQ essay is due on Wednesday.  Include the following:

  1. a cover with a title and your name and class
  2. the published copy (100 points)
  3. a draft (25 points)
  4. your writing plan (50 points)
  5. the documents (50 points)

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