Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Homework Number 1-3 (09/13/2016)

1. Please complete the math handout.
2. Finish the Math Summertime Project.
3. Return your contact sheet and all new-year checklists and forms that you received in homeroom.  Please ask your parents to sign every form that requires a signature.

Neatly copy your data table from class onto a sheet of loose-leaf.  Write a paragraph about the pendulum experiment that explains the relationship between pendulum string length and the number of swings in 15 seconds.  Use specific data (numbers) from your table as evidence.

length of string
20 cm
40 cm
60 cm
number of swings in 15 seconds
(dependent variable)
number of swings in 15
(second trial)

I will collect this assignment and attach it to Friday’s quiz. (25 points)

Quiz Friday: variables and procedure for the pendulum experiment

In a well-written paragraph, explain why the author of "Call Me Maria" began the story with a poem.

Social Studies
1. Read “Viking Sailors Reach North America” on pages 38-39 of your textbook.  Use one specific fact from the reading in the paragraph described below.
2. “What does the story from class tell us about the values of the Norse (Vikings)?”  Answer this question on loose-leaf.  Please  write a draft and a published copy on the same sheet of paper.

(Click on the link if you would like to read the story again.)
Text of "The Death of Baldur"

Map quiz on Thursday (United States and world maps)

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