Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Homework Number 1-4 (09/14/2016)

Blue Handbook (at home)
p. 120, numbers 1-4
p. 121, numbers 10-12
p. 122, numbers 12-23

Write the procedure for “The Sock Experiment” (at least five steps). Identify the independent variable, the dependent variable, and at least three constants/control variables.

Quiz on variables and the pendulum experiment on Friday.

1. Copy the definitions for the following words into your vocabulary notebook:  1) tone  2)perspective
2. Find text examples for each of those words on pages 11-14 in the Codex textbook.  Write the examples beneath the definitions.
3. Open notebook vocabulary quiz on Friday
4. Classwork notebook check on Monday

Social Studies
Reread your response to “Odysseus and the Cyclops.”  Edit and revise your work on the same piece of loose-leaf.  You will receive a grade for your work.  (You must submit a draft and a published paragraph on the same page.)

Map Assessment tomorrow (both maps)

World Map
1. Label the five oceans.
2. Label the seven continents.
3. Label the United States of America.
4. Label the equator and the prime meridian.
5. Label Europe.
United States Map
1. Label New York, Texas, and Florida.
2. Label Canada and Mexico.
3. Label the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
4. Label the Gulf of Mexico.
5. Label the Mississippi River.

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