Thursday, September 15, 2016

Homework Number 1-5 (09/15/2016)

Blue Textbook
page 123, numbers 1-4
page 125, numbers 9-12
page 126, numbers 13-14

Read pages 34-39 in your science book.  Answer questions 2-3 on page 39 in your notebook.

Quiz Tomorrow on variables, constants, and the pendulum experiment

1. Open notebook vocabulary quiz tomorrow.
2. Answer in a well-written paragraph (5-7 sentences): If you were Maria, what would your decision be?

Social Studies
Read pages 22-23 in your textbook.
1. According to the text, how did the ancient Greeks influence the way we live today?  (Use specific evidence from the text.)  Write on paragraph.

2. Which text tells you more about the Greeks, the textbook or the story about the

Cyclops that we read yesterday?  Explain. Answer in one or two sentences.

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