Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Homework Number 1-9 (09/21/2016)

Blue Book
page 103, numbers 17-25
page 107, numbers 6-9

Complete both worksheets: Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

  1. Redraw the contour/topographical map of your hill.  Label each contour line  on white paper.
  2. Describe the procedure ( give steps in list form) for making the map and identify the scale on loose-leaf.  

I will collect and grade you work.  (25 points)

Grading Rubric (5 points each)

I can:
1. Neatly present the lines on the map.
2. Draw at least three different levels.
3. Label the lines on the contour map with the correct elevation in meters.
4. Identify the scale on the bottom of the page (1mm = 1 meters).
5. Include a clear procedure in writing on a separate sheet of paper.

Respond with a well-written paragraph (5-7 sentences in your classroom notebook):

Imagine you were raised in a different time or a different place.  Describe this alternate setting of your life, and explain how it would make you a different person.  Be creative and have fun with the writing!

Social Studies
“This is the way the world began. . . .”  Tell the story of the creation of our universe.  Write with a voice like a Viking Skald poet.  Write in the first person and use “I”.  Use at least one piece of specific evidence from the video.  (On loose-leaf, draft and publish)

Map Quiz on Tuesday

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