Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homework Number 1-15 (09/29/2016)

If we do not have permission slips by tomorrow (09/30), I will have to cancel the trip to High Rock.  PLEASE bring in your signed slip along with $3.

Please complete your worksheet on fractions.

1. Please copy "The Rock Cycle" figure on page 81 of your science textbook onto white paper (use color if possible).  Use a few words to describe what is happening during each step of the cycle.
2. On loose-leaf, write a paragraph that summarizes your figure.  

Rewrite your edited introduction and first body paragraph on loose-leaf paper.  Write in ink and do not skip lines.

Finish pages 30-31 in Codex.

Social Studies
The first draft of your entire essay is due tomorrow.  Include your planning page and your document set.  Type or write on loose-leaf.

(If you would like to publish early, use the rubric below as a guide. I will give a +5 to any student who hands in a published piece tomorrow, but the published piece is not due until Wednesday.) PLEASE NOTE: You are not responsible for providing a counterclaim for this essay. You will not lose points for failing to include a counterclaim.

Essay Scoring Rubric with Success Criteria

Success Criteria
I can use some additional support.
I am getting it, but need to keep working on it.  
I have evidence that I can . . .
I can write an introduction about the topic that includes background information and a clear, specific thesis. (10 points)

I can write clear body paragraphs with topic sentences, supporting evidence, and a summarizing sentence.
(20 points)

I can use and cite accurate evidence that supports my claim and identify the evidence as primary or secondary. (20 points)

I can write clear, specific links that explain how my evidence supports the claim in my thesis. (20 points)

I can write a clear counterclaim in a separate paragraph and explain how my claim is stronger than the counterclaim.
(10 points)

I can demonstrate a clear plan of organization, and I have the required number of paragraphs, including a conclusion. (10 points)

I can spell the important content words for this essay and demonstrate that I am practicing the writing skills we learned in class.
(10 points)

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