Friday, September 9, 2016

Please return your signed contract.
Your summer packet is due Tuesday.
Please return your home contact sheet.
Finish Summer Time math project.


  1. Write the procedure for an experiment that tests the effect of string length on the rate of swing (number of swings per minute) on a pendulum.  Your procedure must have at least five steps.
  2. Identify the independent and dependent variables.

In your vocabulary notebook, use each new word in a sentence.

Social Studies
1. Copy the U.S. map on pages R4-R5 in the back of your textbook.  Only label New York, Florida, Texas, the bodies of water, and the countries that border the U.S. in the north and the south.  (You must draw your own map.  Do not print a map.)

Use white paper/printer paper.

You will have a map and vocabulary quiz next week.

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