Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Homework Number 1-13 (09/27/2016)

Please Bring in your permission slip and money for the High Rock trip. The cost of the trip is $3. Exact change is appreciated.

Study for the test on fractions tomorrow.

You will have a graded exit slip (25 points) that requires using three of the science words from your homework.  Pick three, and use each of these words in a sentence that proves you understand the meaning.  Use your class notes and textbook (pages 63-66) for help.

Properties of Minerals:

  1. crystal shape:
  2. cleavage and fracture:
  3. color:
  4. streak:
  5. luster:
  6. hardness:
  7. specific gravity:

Copy the words and definitions from page 26 into your vocabulary notebook.

Social Studies
Essay Question: “How advanced were the Mayan, Aztec, and Indian civilizations?  What were their major accomplishments?”

The body paragraph of your DBQ is due tomorrow.  Use your planning page to write two or three body paragraphs that use specific evidence from the documents.

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