Thursday, October 6, 2016

Homework Number 1-17 (10/06/2016)

Blue Handbook
page 86, 3-8
page 87, 9-10
page 89, 31-32

Buckle Down Book
page 17

You have a vocabulary quiz on Friday.

  1. Read pages 94-97 in your science textbook.  Identify and describe mechanical and chemical weathering.  Give an example of each kind.
  2. Add the following words to your science dictionary:

Be sure that you have definitions for all of these words.

  1. erosion
  2. chemical weathering
  3. mechanical weathering
  4. soil

Please complete Quiz Number Three as a take-home quiz. It is due tomorrow.

If you were to write a horror story, what lesson would you put in it?  Answer in a complete paragraph in your class notebook.

Social Studies

  1. Answer the two “Geography Skills” questions that accompany the map on page 41.
  2. Answer the Analysis Skills question on the top right of page  45.  Then, in two or three sentences summarize the information that this diagram is giving.  “This diagram shows us that . . .”

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