Thursday, October 13, 2016

Homework Number 1-21 (10/21/2016)

Blue Book
page 89, numbers 5-16, 35

Please complete the worksheet on Integers.

The timelines are due on Monday.

We want to test two types of soil to see which soil is best for growing bean plants.  Identify the following:

  1. The investigation/science question
  2. The independent variable
  3. The dependent variable
  4. Three constants

Why do you think the narrator of "The Pale Man" was sent away to the hotel?  Support your answer with two text details.  Please write in your notebook.

Social Studies
Read pages 46-47 in your textbook.  
  1. Who conquered the Aztec Empire?  When?
  2. Who conquered the Inca Empire? When?
  3. Compare and contrast Cortes and Pizarro with Christopher Columbus.

Answer each question in your notebook.  Use as many sentences as you need.

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