Friday, October 14, 2016

Homework Number 1-22 (10/14/2016)

Complete the worksheet on multiplying integers (column 1 and 2 sign only, complete column 3, and column 4 is extra credit.)


  1. Read page 112 of your textbook.  Pick one of the monuments listed or a different monument of your choice.   (Write down the name of the monument.)
  2. In a paragraph, describe the way that acid rain damages monuments.  Use evidence from the text.

On a sheet of loose-leaf paper.  Use the vocabulary words from the "Monkey's Paw" and the "Pale Man" in sentences.

Social Studies
Read “Forced Labor” on page 50.  Describe the way that Native Americans were treated on Spanish plantations.  Then, write a paragraph that includes evidence from the text.

Quiz Wednesday: early exploration and 20 states

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