Monday, October 17, 2016

Homework Number 1-23 (10/17/2016)

1. Accentuate the Negative
page 69, number 25, letters a-j

2. Please complete the Division Integer Worksheet.

Writing Assignment: “How is acid rain damaging the world’s monuments and what can people do to stop this process?”  A draft for this assignment is due on Wednesday.  Type or write on loose-leaf.

Reread page 112 in your textbook.  Please complete your writing plan (on the sheet provided) for your Acid Rain Research Paper.  You must attempt to plan each section.  Use the guide below for help.

You may use any website that you find useful.  Try doing a Google search.  End your search with the words “for kids”  (example: “acid rain for kids”).

Sample Writing Plan:

  1. (Paragraph 1) Introduction: Introduce the topic, give background, and make a claim/thesis.
  2. (Paragraph 2) Body 1: Explain what acid rain is and how it is damaging the monument or building you are studying
  3. (Paragraph 3) Body 2: (Challenge/Optional) Give a more detailed description of the science behind chemical weathering and acid rain.
  4. (Paragraph 4) Body 3: Discuss what could be done to protect or restore the monument that you are studying.
  5. (Paragraph 5) Conclusion: Restate your claim/thesis, restate the most important points, and write a closing sentence.

Quiz Thursday: Erosion of Earth's Surface (Study classwork and homework each day.)

Explain in a well-written paragraph in your classwork notebook what our Word Gen article for this week has to do with America being the "Land of Liberty."

Social Studies

Use pages 38-51 of your textbook to help you construct a Timeline of Exploration.  (Use this as your title.)  Include at least five dates.  Under your timeline, please summarize the information about exploration in a paragraph. This homework should be completed on graph paper.

Map Quiz on Wednesday: 20 states and early exploration
(Draw lines to show where the explorers came from.)

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