Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Homework Number 1-24 (10/18/2016)

Complete All Operations with Integers worksheet.
Your timeline is due on Friday.
Test Tuesday: Integers

  1. Use pages 101-109 of your textbook to help you complete pages 37-39 of your workbook.
The material on these sheets is on your quiz. (You probably did most of this work during class.)

  1. Add the following words to your Science Dictionary:
19. erosion, 20. mass movement, 21. creep, 22. slump, 23. glacier, 24. deflation, 25. abrasion 26. runoff, 27. stream

Quiz Thursday: (Fill in the blank vocabulary) Study the material from workbook pages 37-39 and your science dictionary

Your Acid Rain Research Report is due on Friday (cover, published piece,draft, and planning page.) Detailed instructions and a rubric are found below.

NOTE: You may continue to work on the draft of your acid rain research paper (see below) if you have time, but you WILL NOT receive a zero if you do not have the draft completed by tomorrow.

Science Essay Rubric
20 points: Your essay is written in paragraphs and follows a clear plan of organization.  You skillfully       addressed the entire task.
20 points: Your essay uses content vocabulary in a meaningful way.
20 points: Your essay is neat and complete (including a cover).
20 points: Your essay includes clear evidence of editing, revising, and rewriting.

20 points: Your essay demonstrates attention to spelling and writing conventions.

You may use any website that you find useful.  Try doing a Google search.  End your search with the words “for kids”  (example: “acid rain for kids”).

Sample Writing Plan:

  1. (Paragraph 1) Introduction: Introduce the topic, give background, and make a claim/thesis.
  2. (Paragraph 2) Body 1: Explain what acid rain is and how it is damaging the monument or building you are studying
  3. (Paragraph 3) Body 2: (Challenge/Optional) Give a more detailed description of the science behind chemical weathering and acid rain.
  4. (Paragraph 4) Body 3: Discuss what could be done to protect or restore the monument that you are studying.
  5. (Paragraph 5) Conclusion: Restate your claim/thesis, restate the most important points, and write a closing sentence.

Copy Word Gen vocabulary and definitions into your vocabulary notebook.

Social Studies
Read pages 54-57 in your textbook.  

Write a paragraph that describes the challenges faced by settlers in an American colony.  Use evidence from the Settler Game (from class) and your textbook to support your writing.

Quiz tomorrow: 20 states, 7 continents, 5 oceans, and early exploration (draw lines showing the path of the explorers)

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