Monday, October 24, 2016

Homework Number 1-28 (10/24/2016)

Complete the OOO Worksheets.
Study for the test on Wednesday.
Prepare to present your timeline.

ONE: Read pages 128-129 and your class notes to help you describe the relative age of the rock layers on the bottom left of page 129. Use your class notebook for help.

(Write one paragraph in your notebook).

TWO: Please add the following words to your science dictionary if you have not done so already.
1. relative dating: putting layers of rock in order (oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest) without figuring out the exact age in years
2. strata: layers of rock
3. stratigraphy: the study of layers of rocks (allowing you to figure out the relative age of rocks)
4. absolute age: the exact age of something (in years)

  1. principle of superposition: the oldest layers of rock are on the bottom and the rocks get younger as you work your way up

Use each of today's vocabulary words in a sentence.  Complete this work in your vocabulary notebook.

Social Studies
705: You are only required to complete the introduction section (top triangle) of the graphic organizer.  Come to class with a strong thesis, ready to work.  Catch up on the homework from Friday, which will be graded when I collect your essay.  Right now, most of you have a zero.

Essay Question: “What challenges did the colonists face in the early American colonies?”

Complete your writing plan and bring it to class tomorrow  (50 points).  Please use the handout.  Remember to cite your sources.

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