Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Homework Number 2-1 (10/25/2016)

Debate Permission Slip (Debate Team Only)


Read pages 128-133.  Answer questions 1,2, and 5 on page 133 in your notebook.  Write as many sentences as you need to answer each question.

Please add the following words to your science dictionary if you have not done so already.
1. relative dating: putting layers of rock in order (oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest) without figuring out the exact age in years
2. strata: layers of rock
3. stratigraphy: the study of layers of rocks (allowing you to figure out the relative age of rocks)
4. absolute age: the exact age of something (in years)

  1. principle of superposition: the oldest layers of rock are on the bottom and the rocks get younger as you work your way up

Study the meanings of the Word Generation vocabulary words from this week and last week.

Social Studies
You should have the following items tomorrow.

  1. Ten facts on your research sheet or on loose-leaf.
  2. Your planning page with the introduction and body sections (everything except for the bottom triangle) filled in.
  3. A first draft of an introduction, written on loose-leaf.  Your heading should be at the top of the paper.

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