Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Homework Number 2-2 (10/26/2016)

Debate Permission Slip (Debate Team Only)

You have no new homework tonight.

Read pages 135-138 in your textbook.  Use the text to write definitions for the following terms in your science dictionary:
Absolute age (should already be in your dictionary)
6. radioactive decay
7. half-life
8. parent isotope
9. daughter product
10. radiometric dating

In your notebook: Based on the lessons we've completed in class, what are six things your short story should be graded on?  Explain in a paragraph.

Social Studies
Essay Question: “What challenges did the colonists face in the early American colonies?”

Your essay is due on Friday:

  1. Cover with title, name, and class
  2. Published piece (100 points)
  3. Draft (25 points)
  4. Planning page (25 facts)
  5. Research sheet --10 facts (50 points)

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