Thursday, October 27, 2016

Homework Number 2-3 (10/27/2016)

Complete the worksheet on complex fractions.

Please reread the top of page 137 and then copy the graph on the top right of the page into your notebook.  Use a ruler and be sure to neatly label all of the parts.  

In your own words, describe what happens during the process of radioactive decay.  Use the graph to support your writing. (Write one paragraph.)

You have no new homework tonight.

Social Studies
Essay Question: “What challenges did the colonists face in the early American colonies?”

Your essay is due on Friday:

  1. Cover with title, name, and class
  2. Published piece (100 points)
  3. Draft (25 points)
  4. Planning page (25 facts)
  5. Research sheet --10 facts (50 points)

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