Friday, October 7, 2016

Homework Number 1-19 (10/07/2016)

1. Complete the worksheet on fractions-addition with two colored chips.
2. Accentuate the Negative
page 16, A-D
page 24, numbers 49-55
page 23, number 48

Read pages 94-99 of your science book.

Use pages 98-99 to describe the way that soil is formed.  In your description, describe two of the factors that influence the way that soil develops.  (Use the paragraphs that have red subheadings for help.) Write one paragraph.

Complete the vocabulary handout for "The Monkey's Paw."

Social Studies
“Was Christopher Columbus a hero or a villain?”  

On loose-leaf, prepare a short speech that answers the question.  Organize your speech like an essay:
  1. Give the topic and background
  2. Make a claim
  3. Provide evidence
  4. Explain how your evidence supports your claim
  5. Restate your claim in a conclusion
(Number each part on your loose-leaf.)

Use your research sheet (classwork: 25 points) to include evidence. Staple your speech (homework: 25 points) on top of the research sheet.  I will collect and grade both sheets.

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