Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Homework Number 1-17 (10/05/2016)

Complete the handouts on integers.
You have a vocabulary test tomorrow.

One: Read pages 94-97 in your science textbook.  Identify and describe two different kinds of weathering.  Give an example of each kind.

Two: Add the following words to your science dictionary:
  1. erosion
  2. chemical weathering
  3. mechanical weathering
  4. soil

Make a cover on white paper (no lines).  You must have a title, your name and class number, and an illustration.

Social Studies
Read pages 42-45 in your textbook.
Create an outline for this section by following this procedure:

  1. What is the main idea or claim of each page?  Write one sentence (and the page number).
  2. Copy a sentence from the text that supports this claim.
  3. After reading page 45, write one final sentence that summarizes the entire reading passage.

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