Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Homework Number 2-6 (11/02/2016)

Debate Permission Slip (Debate Team Only)

Complete the worksheet on unit rates.

Bring in a draft for the first part of your lab report: the introduction, variables, procedure, and materials.  Use the information from your packet to help help:
  • Introduction (with hypothesis)
  • The variables (IV, DV, and Control Variables//Constants)
  • The procedure in list form
  • A list of materials and a description of how you will use each material

Type or write on loose-leaf.  Use your science packet as a writing plan.

Sample Lab Report Outline
Introduction Paragraph:
·      Identify the topic/science question
·      Give background with science vocabulary
·      Write your hypothesis (if, then, because) where the thesis should go; identify the independent variable, dependent variable, and rationale (reason you have for making your prediction)
In a separate list:
·      Independent Variable
·      Dependent Variable
·      Constants/Control Variables (at least three)
·      Control Group (if required)
·      Write in numbered list form
·      Label the IV, DV, and constants
·      Explain how you will record data
·      Use numbers and measurements
·      Be as specific as possible
·      Include at least five steps
·      Explain how you will control (keep separate) all variables
·      Identify all materials you will use (at least five)
·      Explain how you will use each material
Graph or Chart
·      Record your data from the experiment on a graph or chart
·      Label your graph or chart
·      Identify the IV and the DV
Conclusion Paragraph
·      Restate your hypothesis and say whether it was correct or not
·      Identify a specific strength and a specific limitation
·      Explain how each specific strength or limitation had an influence on your experiment
·      Use numbers and details from your introduction, procedure, and graph/chart as evidence to support your writing
·      Summarize the way you kept your variables isolated (controlled) and how this led to reliable data for your experiment
·      Explain what you will do differently next time

Use all of this week's new vocabulary words (Codex and Word Gen) in sentences in your vocabulary notebook.

In your classwork notebook, answer questions 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 on pages 57-59 in Codex.  Don't forget to rephrase.

Vocabulary test on Monday for this week's words.

Social Studies
Rewrite your speech about Hobbes and Locke using the specific evidence that you gathered during class.  (You may continue to look for evidence at home as well.)

John Locke: "People are a result of their environment and their experience."

Thomas Hobbes: "LIfe is nasty, brutish, and short unless a strong government keeps order."

Section 1: Introduction background and claim/thesis
Section 2: Evidence for your claim
Section 3: A counterclaim and rebuttal (why your claim is stronger than the counterclaim)
Section 4: A conclusion where you restate your claim and give a closing sentence that explains why your claim is correct and the counterclaim is not
(50 points: 10 points for each section and 10 points for a draft)

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