Thursday, November 3, 2016

Homework Number 2-7 (11/03/2016)

Complete worksheet on ratios and unit rate number 2.
Bring in supermarket fliers.

Bring in a draft for the first part of your lab report: the introduction, variables, procedure, and materials.  Use the information from your packet to help help:
  • Introduction (with hypothesis)
  • The variables (IV, DV, and Control Variables//Constants)
  • The procedure in list form
  • A list of materials and a description of how you will use each material

Type or write on loose-leaf.  Use your science packet as a writing plan.

Vocabulary test on Monday
Complete pages 60-61 in Codex.

Social Studies
Practice your speech three times.  You will receive a grade for participating tomorrow.  Make sure that you have at least two specific facts that you can sure (one current and one historical).  

Debate Question: “Who was right about human nature, Thomas Hobbes or John Locke?”

John Locke: "People are a result of their environment and their experience."

Thomas Hobbes: "LIfe is nasty, brutish, and short unless a strong government keeps order."

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