Monday, November 7, 2016

Homework Number 2-9 (11/07/2016)

Debate Permission Slip (Debate Team Only)

Complete the worksheet on complex ratios, questions 5-9.

Read pages 150-153 in your science textbook.  Answer questions 1-3 on page 153.  Then, in a paragraph, describe what is happening in the three maps at the top of the page.  Use content vocabulary.

Your Soil Fertility Lab Report (bean plants) is due on Monday. Follow the checklist I gave you in class. (You can also scroll down and read it below.) You will receive extra credit if you hand it in by Thursday.

Finish the first draft of your short story.

Social Studies
Reread “King Philip’s War” on page 95 of your textbook.  Explain how the expansion (growth) of the French and English colonies affected (had an influence) on the Native Americans. Write one paragraph and use information from the text to support your writing.

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