Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Homework Number 2-5 (11/01/2016)

Debate Permission Slip (Debate Team Only)

Please complete the worksheet on ratios.

Create a bar graph that shows the radioactive decay of “Substance X.”  Start a 0 half-lives and go to four half-lives.  Underneath, explain the information in your graph in a paragraph.

1. Copy the words and definitions from page 56 in Codex into your vocabulary notebook.
2. Copy the words and definitions from this week's word generation into your vocabulary notebook.

Social Studies
Write a short speech that supports the point of view of John Locke or Thomas Hobbes.
Paragraph 1: Topic, background, claim/thesis
Paragraph 2: Two pieces of evidence to support your claim
Paragraph 3: One piece of evidence to support a counterclaim; explain why your claim is stronger than the counterclaim
Paragraph 4: Restate your claim/thesis, give your strongest evidence, and explain why the listener should agree with your claim/thesis

Type or write on loose-leaf.

Thomas Hobbes:  “People are naturally nasty and brutish.  We need a strong government to prevent constant violence and chaos.”  

John Locke:  “People are not naturally good or bad. We become who we are as a result of our decisions and our experiences.  A government’s job is not to control us but to protect our rights and freedoms.”

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