Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Homework Number 2-26 (12/06/2016)

Complete the worksheet on Finding Percents a Different Way.

Create a writing plan for your two paragraphs and complete the first draft. (The assignment is below.) Extra credit is available for anyone who develops this work into a five-paragraph essay.  

TASK: "Plan and write  two paragraphs about vision.  Paragraph one should give a general description of how vision works in humans (pages 229 and 231).  Paragraph two should focus on a specific area that you explored."

Sample Plan for Your Writing Assignment
  1. Paragraph One: describe the way that the eye usually works to turn electromagnetic waves into images that we “see”
  2. Paragraph Two: describe a problem that results in the vision process.  (See page 230 of your textbook for an example.)

Due Thursday: plan/draft
Due Friday: published piece (or a five-paragraph-essay for extra credit)

(You will receive +5 for turning your work in early.)

Quiz Tomorrow: electromagnetic wave (p.227) and vision (ps. 229 and 231)

1. Complete page 110 in the Codex.
2. Copy the words and definitions from page 110 into your vocabulary notebook.

Social Studies
1. Read the document and answer the three questions on page 151.
2. Was Shays’s Rebellion the result of a weak national government?  Explain why or why not in a paragraph.

Map Quiz on Friday (25 states, continents and oceans, France, Germany, and Great Britain)

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