Thursday, December 8, 2016

Homework Number 2-28 (12/08/2016)

Blue Book
Read page 145.  Answer questions 28 and 29 and page 147 numbers 25-27.


  1. Your two-paragraph writing assignment is due tomorrow.  Include a cover with a title and your name.  You must also have a draft or a plan.

TASK: "Plan and write  two paragraphs about vision.  Paragraph one should give a general description of how vision works in humans (pages 229 and 231).  Paragraph two should focus on a specific area that you explored."

Sample Plan for Your Writing Assignment
  1. Paragraph One: describe the way that the eye usually works to turn electromagnetic waves into images that we “see”
  2. Paragraph Two: describe a problem that results in the vision process.  (See page 230 of your textbook for an example.)

Success Criteria:
  • I can organize my writing into paragraphs with clear topic sentences.
  • I can use supporting evidence and content vocabulary in each paragraph.
  • I can write a clear summary sentence for each paragraph.
  • I can include a plan or draft to show that I planned my work.
  • I can include a neat cover with a title, my name, and class. ALL of the words on my cover are spelled correctly.
      2. Read pages 242-247 in your science textbook.  Then, add all of the terms in yellow to your science dictionary.  Number them from 1-7.

Rewrite the paragraph from today's class on loose-leaf.  Be sure it is neat and complete.

Social Studies
Read pages 158-162 in your textbook.  Complete numbers 1-5 (all letters)  on page 162 in your notebook by Monday.  You will receive a grade for completing this work (50 points).  Number each answer and use evidence from the text for each response.

You must memorize the Preamble by Friday (12/16).

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