Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Homework Number 2-31 (12/13/2016)

Blue Handbook
page 142, numbers 19-22

Complete the worksheet on the percent of change.

Draw a graph that shows what happens when a sample of water changes from solid, to liquid, to gas.  Underneath, explain your graph using your science vocabulary from class. (Use as many words as you need.) See textbook page 246 for help.

Vocabulary: matter, mass, volume, solid, liquid, gas, density, molecules

Challenge Vocabulary: melting point, boiling point, condensations point, evaporation point

Graph on graph paper
Writing on loose-leaf (or typed)

(Change of State Virtual Lab)

Change of State Graph

Read pages 1-5 in Monster.
Summarize the pages in a paragraph in your notebook.

Social Studies
  1. Be sure that your graphic organizer is complete.  (white paper)
  2. Review the classwork and homework from the last two days.  In a paragraph, summarize the conflicts that made it difficult to organize a government after the American Revolution.  (Scroll down to identify helpful textbook pages from previous assignments.)

Quiz Friday: Maps and Preamble

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