Friday, December 23, 2016

Finish the vacation packet.
Complete the advertisement packet.

Rewrite (on loose-leaf) the journal entry we wrote in class.
Read Monster to page 130.
In your notebook: Write a complete paragraph explaining something you would like to accomplish in 2017. Tell us why you want to accomplish, and be neat and complete.

Vacation HW (Social Studies):
Use content vocabulary from the documents, class notes, and textbook (pages 170-173 and 180-186) to help you complete the following essay assignment:

Describe the government created by the United States Constitution and identify specific issues that encouraged the founders of our government to create this document.  Then, answer the following question in an organized essay:

“Did the Constitution create a strong, fair national government for the United States of America?”

You must have a cover, a published piece, a draft, and a writing plan.  Use the rubric below to help you write your essay.

Success Criteria
I can use some additional support.
I am getting it, but need to keep working on it.  
I have evidence that I can . . .
I can write an introduction about the topic that includes background information and a clear, specific thesis. (10 points)

I can write clear body paragraphs with topic sentences, supporting evidence, and a summarizing sentence.
(20 points)

I can use and citeaccurate evidence that supports my claim and identify the evidence as primary or secondary. (20 points)

I can write clear, specific links that explain how my evidence supports the claim in my thesis. (20 points)

I can write a clear counterclaim in a separate paragraph and explain how my claim is stronger than the counterclaim.
(10 points)

I can demonstrate a clear plan of organization, and I have the required number of paragraphs, including a conclusion. (10 points)

I can spell the important content words for this essay and demonstrate that I am practicing the writing skills we learned in class.
(10 points)

Science Vacation HW
1. Read pages 252-258 in your textbook.
2. Fill out the worksheet.  This will count as your plan. (25 points)
3.  Read the Lab instructions on pages 260 and 261.  Design and perform the experiment and write a lab report. (100 points)  Follow the instructions in your textbook and use the checklist I gave you.  (There is a copy of the checklist posted below.)

(Your lab report should be typed or on loose-leaf.  Use all the writing skills that we have been practicing.)

Sample Lab Report Outline
Introduction Paragraph:
·      Identify the topic/science question
·      Give background with science vocabulary
·      Write your hypothesis (if, then, because) where the thesis should go; identify the independent variable, dependent variable, and rationale (reason you have for making your prediction)
In a separate list:
·      Independent Variable
·      Dependent Variable
·      Constants/Control Variables (at least three)
·      Control Group (if required)
·      Write in numbered list form
·      Label the IV, DV, and constants
·      Explain how you will record data
·      Use numbers and measurements
·      Be as specific as possible
·      Include at least five steps
·      Explain how you will control (keep separate) all variables
·      Identify all materials you will use (at least five)
·      Explain how you will use each material
Graph or Chart
·      Record your data from the experiment on a graph or chart
·      Label your graph or chart
·      Identify the IV and the DV
Conclusion Paragraph
·      Restate your hypothesis and say whether it was correct or not
·      Identify a specific strength and a specific limitation
·      Explain how each specific strength or limitation had an influence on your experiment
·      Use numbers and details from your introduction, procedure, and graph/chart as evidence to support your writing
·      Summarize the way you kept your variables isolated (controlled) and how this led to reliable data for your experiment
·      Explain what you will do differently next time

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