Friday, January 6, 2017

Homework Number 2-42 (01/16/2016)

Complete the worksheet on expressions and formulas.

Read pages 274-277 in your textbook.  Answer question 2 on page 277 and redraw your diagram from class on white paper.

Complete the extended response for Book 2 (pages 28 to 32) in the assessment booklet.  Students should write the response in the booklet.  We will edit and rewrite on Monday.  

Social Studies
Today, you will work on your skits (mini-plays) with your partner(s).  Here is the success criteria:
  1. I can include action and dialogue for at least three parts: the accused, a police officer, and a lawyer.  Each character must speak at least two times.
  2. I can write down the script for each character on loose-leaf.  My heading and my role (accused, lawyer, etc.) should appear at the top of the page.
  3. Underneath my dialogue, I can identify the amendments that were violated.  
  4. I can explain how the amendments were violated.
  5. I can explain what should have been done to prevent the rights of the accused from being violated.

Each part is worth ten points (50 points total).  You may edit and revise your skit for homework.  I will collect it tomorrow.

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