Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Homework Number 2-39  (01/03/2017)



  1. Describe the difference between a chemical and physical change.  Be specific and give an example (2-3 sentences).
  2. Draw a rough sketch of a graph that shows the change of state of water (solid, to liquid, to gas).  Label the important temperatures.
Quiz Thursday: chemical and physical changes (with change of state graph for water: solid, liquid, gas)


Social Studies
1. Read pages 216-217 in your history book.  Identify and describe the five rights that are protected by Amendment I.
2. Define the idea of majority rule.  What is the meaning of this term?  What is the connection between the Bill of Rights and majority rule?  (Write 2-3 sentences.)
Big Constitution test next Friday(01/13/2017)

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