Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Homework Number 2-40 (01/04/2017)

Blue math handbook
page 244, numbers 1-4
page 247, numbers 1-4

Please complete the worksheet on substitution.

In your notebook, redraw your graph from class.  Describe the graph in writing.  Explain why builders and firefighters would find this information important and useful.  (Write one paragraph.)

Water: 0 degrees Celsius, 100 degrees Celsius
Mercury: -39 degrees, 357 degrees
Iron: 1538 degrees, 2861 degrees

Quiz tomorrow: physical and chemical reactions/changes AND change of state graph for water (solid, liquid, gas)

Read to page 159 in Monster.

Social Studies
In your notebook, explain three amendments from the Bill of Rights.  Number each amendment (Amendment 1, etc.) and explain what it means in at least one sentence.  Quote the text of each amendment as you explain it.

Use pages 204-205 in your textbook for help.

Constitution test next Friday (01/13/2017)

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