Thursday, January 26, 2017

Homework Number 3-13 (01/26/2017)

Complete the two-step equation worksheet.
Buckle Down book page 109, numbers 1-8

Read page 316 in your science textbook.  How does acid rain form?  What harm does acid rain do?  (Write one informational paragraph in your notebook.)

Study for the vocabulary test tomorrow (words from this week's Word Generation and page 142 in the Codex)

Social Studies
(Class 707 is excused from social studies homework tonight.)

Read pages 272-277.  Complete the Sequencing Activity in question 4.  Your written response should be a paragraph. (Complete the chart and write a paragraph.)

Essay due on Monday
Follow the directions in the Thomas Jefferson packet and use the rubric below.
(draft only with cover, plan, and document set)
essay: 100 points
plan: 25 points
document page: 50 points

Success Criteria
I can use some additional support.
I am getting it, but need to keep working on it.  
I have evidence that I can . . .
I can write an introduction about the topic that includes background information and a clear, specific thesis. (10 points)

I can write clear body paragraphs with topic sentences, supporting evidence, and a summarizing sentence.
(20 points)

I can use and cite accurate evidence that supports my claim and identify the evidence as primary or secondary. (20 points)

I can write clear, specific links that explain how my evidence supports the claim in my thesis. (20 points)

I can write a clear counterclaim in a separate paragraph and explain how my claim is stronger than the counterclaim.
(10 points)

I can demonstrate a clear plan of organization, and I have the required number of paragraphs, including a conclusion. (10 points)

I can spell the important content words for this essay and demonstrate that I am practicing the writing skills we learned in class.
(10 points)

Name: ___________________________________                                              Class: ___________________

Essay Scoring Rubric with Success Criteria

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