Friday, January 27, 2017

Homework Number 3-14 (01/27/2017)

Complete both worksheets on two-step equations with distributive property.

Read pages 332-338.  Complete the two “Practice Problems” in the box on page 338.

This graph presents the solubility of two compounds in water at different temperatures.  Use the graph to answer the following questions.
1. What is being measured along the y axis?  The x axis?
2. At what temperature is the same amount of each compound dissolved?
3. Describe the solubility trend of each compound.
4. Are these two solutions aqueous?  Explain your answer.
5. Explain what the red and blue lines represent on the graph.
link to solubility graph

Chemical Equation Balancing Game

Complete pages 156 and 157 in Codex.

Social Studies
Read pages 284-287 in your textbook.   You will have a quiz on this material on Monday.  Focus on the terms that are highlighted in yellow.

Your essay on Thomas jefferson is due on Monday:
2. Draft only (Scroll down to see the rubric.)
3.  Plan
4. Completed document set

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