Monday, January 30, 2017

Homework Number 3-15 (01/30/2017)

Complete the three worksheets given in class.

Read pages 339-341 and answer questions 1-3 on page 341.

Write two essay questions we can use to respond to our reading from Monster (on loose-leaf).

Social Studies
Write five “mystery quotes” like the ones from class.  Each quote must include a date for some other specific fact (on loose-leaf).  There is an example below to help you write your own.

Graded as a homework quiz (50 points).
Success Criteria:
  1. I can write specific quotation written in at least one complete sentence.
  2. I can use quotation marks.
  3. I can include a date or other specific fact in each quotation.
  4. I can include the answer (name of the person speaking) underneath the quotation.
(You will receive credit for each quotation ONLY if you can answer “yes” to the four criteria above.)

“I wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776, founded the University of Virginia, and became a successful architect.  Oh, yeah.  I got to be President, too.”

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

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