Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Homework Number 3-16 (01/31/2017)

Complete the three worksheets that you started in class.

Think about the dog food experiment from today’s class.  Identify the independent and dependent variables, three constants, and the control group. (The details of the experiment are written below.)

You will have a quiz on chemical reactions and experiment design on Friday.

Happy Dog
Power Chomp
Nutra Mix
Cost per pound ($)

"Kenny works at a dog shelter.  He has two new brands of dog food that he is considering purchasing, Happy Dog and Nutra Mix.  Currently, all the dogs eat Power Chomp.  
He wants to buy food that keeps the dogs healthy for the lowest price.  He also wants to make sure that the food can last at least two weeks without spoiling.  

"Design an experiment that would help Kenny to make a decision about what dog food to use at the shelter."

1. Copy the words and definitions from page 160 into your vocabulary notebook.
2. Answer question number 5 from page 162 in your classwork notebook.

Social Studies
Use the graphic organizer with the cannon on the top of page 287 to answer the following question in a paragraph:  “What events caused the War of 1812 and what were the effects of this war?”

Success Criteria:

  1. I can restate the question in a clear topic sentence.
  2. I can write a minimum of 5 sentences.  
  3. I can use information from the graphic organizer in my paragraph.
  4. I can write a summary sentence.

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