Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Homework Number 3-3 (01/11/2017)

Buckle Down Workbook
page 98, numbers 1-14
page 100, numbers 27-36


  1. Reread “Isotopes” on page 281.
  2. Examine the circle graph on page 282 and read the caption underneath.
  3. In 2-3 sentences, interpret the graph.  In other words, explain what information this graph is giving you.

Due Monday
On Monday, you will present a tile (on white paper) that presents your element.  You will also include a fact sheet.  Use the link below to research your element. Here are the Success Criteria:

  1. I can describe the element’s position on the Periodic Table (Give the atomic number, the period number, and the group number.)
  2. I can explain the element’s mass number and atomic number.  (Explain how those two numbers are calculated.)
  3. I can identify the physical and chemical properties of the element.
  4. I can identify one or more ways that the element is used by humans. (Why is it useful?)
  5. I can create an attractive tile that looks like a box on the periodic table.

1. Glue or staple the list of vocabulary words in your vocabulary notebook.
2. Use each of the new Word Generation words in a sentence in your vocabulary notebook.

Social Studies
Your debate speech is due tomorrow (loose-leaf).  Follow the directions that I gave you in class.  The three parts are posted below.  I will collect your speech after we debate on Thursday.

Write a short speech about the role of government in our lives (Helping Hands or Hands Off):

Paragraph One:  Present your group’s claim/argument/thesis and provide supporting evidence.

Paragraph Two: Present the counterclaim and one piece of supporting evidence.

Paragraph Three: Refute/Rebut the counterclaim (explain why your claim is better than the counterclaim) and write a concluding sentence.
You must use a quotation from the Constitution.
(draft and publish on loose-leaf)

Success Criteria for your Helping Hands/Hands Off Speech:
  1. I can write in complete, organized paragraphs.
  2. I can write a clear claim/thesis at the end of the introduction.
  3. I can give and cite clear evidence that supports my claim.
  4. I can provide a counterclaim and rebut it.
  5. I can write a clear conclusion that restates my claim and gives a strong closing sentence.

Constitution Test on Friday. Bring your graphic organizer (on white paper).

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