Thursday, February 2, 2017

Homework Number 3-18 (02/02/2017)

Complete the Math Worksheet on equations with word problems.

Read pages 362-365 in your science textbook.  Look at the diagram of the animal cell.  Write a definition for all six parts and then compare each part to one part of a bakery.  (Look at the example in your reading.)  You may want to read pages 366-367 if you need more help.

Quiz Tomorrow: Chemical Reactions and experiment design (the dog food situation posted below)

Happy Dog
Power Chomp
Nutra Mix
Cost per pound ($)

"Kenny works at a dog shelter.  He has two new brands of dog food that he is considering purchasing, Happy Dog and Nutra Mix.  Currently, all the dogs eat Power Chomp.  
He wants to buy food that keeps the dogs healthy for the lowest price.  He also wants to make sure that the food can last at least two weeks without spoiling.  

"Design an experiment that would help Kenny to make a decision about what dog food to use at the shelter."

Complete pages 166 and 167 in the Codex.

Social Studies
Write down your research topic for Black History Month.  Write down three questions that you have about your topic.

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