Monday, February 13, 2017

Homework Number 3-24 (02/13/2017)

Blue Handbook
Read pages 207-209.

Answer questions 11-18 on page 378 of your textbook.  Write the number, the letter, and the answer.  Do not copy anything else.

Go back into the chapter if you need help.   I will quiz you on these questions tomorrow. (25 point HW quiz)

Read pages 188-191 in Codex.  Complete questions 8 and 11.

Social Studies
Due Tomorrow: Have three paragraphs about your Black History Month Topic.  Follow the success criteria.
Success criteria for your Black History Month writing assignment:

  • I can write a clear introduction with a topic, background, and claim.
  • I can write at least one body paragraph that uses specific evidence with citation to support my claim.
  • I can write a clear conclusion that restates my claim and explains why my topic is something that people should care about today, in 2017.

Map Quiz on Friday (Study page 299.)

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