Thursday, February 16, 2017

Homework Number 3-27 (02/16/2017)

Please remember to bring in your signed permission slip for the Wagner College trip on 2/27.  Remember, no slip means not trip.

Buckle Down
page 196, numbers 20-24
page 202, numbers 1-5

Finish the worksheets from class.

1. Read pages 394-398 in your textbook. How does the skeletal system work together with the muscular system?  (Write one paragraph.)
2. Add all of the words highlighted in yellow to your dictionary.
Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow

1. homeostasis
2. cell
3. tissue
4. organ
5. organ system
6. organism
7. voluntary muscle
8. involuntary muscle
9. dermis
10. epidermis
11. melanin
12. chromosome
13. tendon
14. cardiac muscle
15. skeletal muscle
16. smooth muscle
17. tendon
18. marrow
19. ligament

Complete pages 182-184 in the Ready Workbook.

Social Studies
1. Study for your Map Quiz tomorrow.  Write out the names of the 23 states on page 299 of your textbook.

2. Answer the question about Andrew Jackson. Make sure that you have a clear claim and counterclaim.  Write 1-2 paragraphs in your notebook.

“Did Andrew Jackson’s experiences help to make him a good leader for the United States?”

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