Friday, February 17, 2017

Homework Number 3-28 (02/17/2017)

Please remember to bring in your signed permission slip for the Wagner College trip on 2/27.  Remember, no slip means not trip.

Blue Handbook

Read pages 218-220.
page 219, numbers 30-31
Page 220, 33-36

Complete the February Break Packet.
All work is due on Monday.

Read pages 408-409 in your textbook.  Complete the following on loose-leaf:
  1. What is the real-world/inquiry question?
  2. What is the independent variable (IV)?
  3. What is the dependent variable (DV)?
  4. What are three constants/control variables?
  5. What is a possible control group?
  6. Write a hypothesis that answers the the real-world/inquiry question.
  7. Write a 5-step procedure that includes at least one number/measurement.
  8. Identify a possible limitation/source of error.  How will this limitation influence your data?
(You do not have to actually conduct the experiment.  We will work on it in class after the vacation.)

You must also fill out the Working with Variables worksheet. You will not get credit unless all of the homework is completed (50 points). Please staple everything together.

Bring in a complete and ready-for-editing first draft of your Monster essay.

Social Studies
Complete your writing assignment for Black History Month.  Include a cover, published piece (50 points), and draft (25 points).  Please follow the success criteria.

Success criteria for your Black History Month writing assignment:

  • I can write a clear introduction with a topic, background, and claim.
  • I can write at least one body paragraph that uses specific evidence with citations to support my claim.  (You must have at least two pieces of evidence.  Cite each source.)
  • I can write a clear conclusion that restates my claim and explains why my topic is something that people should care about today, in 2017.

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