Thursday, March 23, 2017

Homework Number 4-13 (03/23/2017)

Study for the Unit Test on statistics.
1. box and whisker charts
2. dot plots
3. IQR
4. surveys
5. mean absolute deviation
6. biased or fair

1. Bring in two or three nutrition labels from home.  Try to bring in one from a “healthy food” and one from “junk food.”
2. Write a paragraph about the digestive system.  Use your flowchart, textbook, and vocabulary for help.
Type or write on loose-leaf.

Complete pages 211 to 220 in the Ready Book.  This assignment is due on Monday.

Social Studies
Write a short speech that supports your position for the following question:

“Should the government should limit the profits of capitalists and guarantee a fair standard of living for all citizens?”

(Please type or write on loose-leaf.)

Success Criteria for your homework speech:

  1. I can identify the debate question.
  2. I can give background information.
  3. I can make a clear claim that answers the debate question and support it with evidence.
  4. I can write and rebut a counterclaim.
  5. I can write a separate conclusion.

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