Friday, March 24, 2017

Homework Number 4-14  (03/24/2017)

Geometry: Read the Blue Handbook from pages 295-299.

Read pages 451-456 in your textbook.  Plan three healthy meals for one day (on loose-leaf).  Pick one of these meals and identify some of the nutrients that are present in each food  (on your paper plate).  

If possible, calculate the total number of calories for the meal that you are focusing on.
(50 points)

Success Criteria:   
I can plan a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one day.
I can write down the ingredients for each meal (at least four per meal).
I can include detailed nutritional information for one of the meals.
I can identify at least three specific nutrients for the meal that I discuss in detail.
I can present my meal plan in a neat, attractive way.

Helpful websites:

USDA food nutrition database

Complete pages 211 to 220 in the Ready Book. 

Rewrite the essay from class.

Social Studies
Please revise and rewrite your speech.  Type or write on loose-leaf. Follow the success criteria below. Be sure to include your draft.
(50 points)

“Should the government limit the profits of capitalists and guarantee a fair standard of living for all citizens?”

(You need at least two pieces of evidence, one piece from history and one from today.)

Success Criteria for your homework speech:
  1. I can identify the debate question and give background information.
  2. I can use a piece of historical evidence and a piece of evidence from today.
  3. I can make a clear claim that answers the debate question and support it with evidence.
  4. I can write and rebut a counterclaim.
  5. I can write a separate conclusion.

Helpful websites:

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