Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Homework Number 4-3 (03/087/2017)

Complete the worksheet on probability, numbers 1-10.

  1. Reread pages 403-408.  Select one term for each of the five senses and add it to your dictionary.
  2. Study the words from your science dictionary.  Practice chunking and sequencing to remember 10 words.  Make a list of 10 words and practice memorizing that list three times (3 trials).

Vocabulary Quiz on Friday

Complete pages 156 and 157 in the Ready Workbook.

Social Studies
Study the world and United States maps in the back of your textbook (R3).

Make a list of the twenty-five states that you are working on in your notebook.  Make a separate list of the continents, oceans, mountains, Gulf of Mexico, and Mississippi River. Each term must be spelled correctly for you to get credit.

Publish your story tonight (American Indian Narrative fiction piece).  

Geography Quiz on Tuesday

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