Monday, March 13, 2017

Homework Number 4-6 (03/13/2017)

Buckle Down Book
Read pages 208-209.  Complete 1-8 on page 212.

Read pages 418-426 of your science textbook.  Add the words highlighted in yellow to your science dictionary.

Vocabulary Quiz on Friday

Copy the new Word Gen words and definitions into your notebook.

Social Studies
Read “Manifest Destiny” on pages 354-355.  In a paragraph, describe how the different images in the picture on page 355 help to describe what Manifest Destiny is.  (What do the pictures stand for?)  Use the boxes for help.

Geography Quiz tomorrow
Be sure that all of the following items are on your United States map.  Check your spelling.
  • 25 states (including the East Coast)
  • Two oceans and the Gulf of Mexico
  • two countries that border the U.S.
  • The Mississippi River, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Rocky Mountains
Be sure the following items are on your world map.  Check your spelling.

  • Continents and oceans
  • United States, Mexico, and Canada
  • Gulf of Mexico

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