Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Homework Number 4-25 (04/19/2017)

Ready NY CCLS Math Assessment Book
page 48, number 9
page 58, numbers 27-28
page 66, number 44
page 68 numbers 48
page 71, number 53

The plan for your Bodies and Buildings Project is due on Friday.  You must have a clear claim/thesis, a topic sentence for each body paragraph.  Identify the content vocabulary that you plan on using.  Vocabulary must be underlined.

Parts of a House (Wikipedia)

Your "Bodies and Buildings Project” will have two parts:

1. Write an organized essay (with a plan) that describes the way that two or more organ systems work together to keep our body in a condition of homeostasis; include at least 10 content vocabulary words.
In the body of your essay, use 5-10 building vocabulary words to compare a body to a building (or a house).  All content vocabulary words must be underlined. 

2. Create a labeled diagram or a model that illustrates some of the information in your writing piece.

You will receive three grades for your work:

Plan: The writing plan should show how you organized your work before you started writing the essay.  You must identify and underline all of the content words in the plan (25 points).

Writing Piece:
25 points: clear claim, organization, and command of writing conventions
25 points: accurate description of the way the human body works
25 points: accurate use of content vocabulary words (underline or highlight all content words)
25 points: clear descriptive comparison of a body and a building

Suggested Outline for your Bodies and Building Writing Assignment:
Paragraph One: Introduction with claim/thesis about the similarities found in bodies and buildings
Paragraph Two: A brief description of how two or more organ systems (example: digestive, circulatory, and respiratory) work together to maintain homeostasis (This paragraph should be long and detailed.  Use content vocabulary.)
Paragraph Three: A brief description of some of the parts in a building or house and how these parts work together to make this building comfortable to live in
Paragraph Four: A comparison of some (not all) of the body and building parts you described and how they perform similar jobs to maintain homeostasis
Paragraph Five: A conclusion explaining how looking at a house can help you understand how your body is formed and how it works

Diagram or Model:
25 points: attractive appearance
25 points: clear labels of body AND building terms (with correct spelling)
50 points: clearly demonstrates the ways that bodies and buildings are similar to each other

(Most students make a poster or chart with diagrams and content vocabulary words.  Other students make a physical model of a house or body and use labels to identify and compare different body and building parts.)

Copy your paragraph/summary onto loose-leaf.  This work will be collected tomorrow.

Social Studies
“How did slavery cause increased sectionalism and conflict in the United States?”
Create an outline for this essay question.  
1. Identify a claim and counterclaim
2. write a topic sentence for each paragraph
3. What kind of evidence would you use in each paragraph?

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