Monday, April 24, 2017

Homework Number 4-28 (04/24/2017)

CCLS Math Assessment
page 11, number 23
page 50, number 13
page 53, number 19
page 60, number 33

Read pages 485-489 and answer questions 1-4 on page 489.

Your Bodies and Buildings writing assignment is due on Friday.

The poster or model is due on Monday.

1. Copy the new Word Gen words and definitions into your vocabulary notebook.
2. In a paragraph in your notebook, answer the following question: How does your book address the theme of "family troubles"?

Social Studies
Please read pages 493-497 in your textbook.  Answer questions 1 a,b, and 3 a,b, and c on page 497 in your notebook.  

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