Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Homework Number 4-29 (04/25/2017)

NYCCLS Math Assessment Book


Book Number 1
Page 20, numbers 38,46, 49, 53, and 57

Book Number 2
page 44,  numbers 3, 12, 15, and 34

The writing assignment for Bodies and Buildings is due on Friday.

  1. Include a detailed plan.  Follow the example on your sheet and underline all content vocabulary.
  2. You do not need to turn in a draft.  Include a published piece with a cover on top.  Follow the directions on your sheet.

Plan: The writing plan should show how you organized your work before you started writing the essay.  You must identify and underline all of the content words in the plan (25 points).

Writing Piece:
25 points: clear claim, organization, and command of writing conventions
25 points: accurate description of the way the human body works
25 points: accurate use of content vocabulary words (underline or highlight all content words)
25 points: clear descriptive comparison of a body and a building

Suggested Outline for your Bodies and Building Writing Assignment:
Paragraph One: Introduction with claim/thesis about the similarities found in bodies and buildings
Paragraph Two: A brief description of how two or more organ systems (example: digestive, circulatory, and respiratory) work together to maintain homeostasis(This paragraph should be long and detailed.  Use content vocabulary.)
Paragraph Three: A brief description of some of the parts in a building or house and how these parts work together to make this building comfortable to live in
Paragraph Four: A comparison of some (not all) of the body and building parts you described and how they perform similar jobs to maintain homeostasis
Paragraph Five: A conclusion explaining how looking at a house can help you understand how your body is formed and how it works

1. Homework Reading:

Coraline: pages 26 to 31
The Giver: pages 20 to 25
The Color of Water: pages 26 to 31
The Glass Castle: pages 29 to 34

Summarize your reading in a paragraph in your notebook.

2. Use each of your vocabulary words in a new and original sentence.

Social Studies
Read and annotate the documents in your packet.  Answer all questions.  This work must be done by Thursday.  We will use this packet to write an essay in class that answers the following question:

“How did slavery increase conflict and sectionalism in the United States?”

Be sure to write a number on each document so that you can cite it.

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