Friday, April 7, 2017

Vacation Homework

1. Complete the Spring Break Packe

2. Test Prep: Percents
Ready New York CCLS Mathematics Assessment Book 1
p.10 Questions 20, 21, 34, and 54
Ready New York CCLS Mathematics Assessment Book 2
p. 48, numbers 9 and 28

Please complete the Practice Test.  Use detail for each response.  Use numbers and units whenever possible.  (Remember, in part I, the numbers from the graph and chart are your "evidence.")

I will count this packet as two full test grades.  (200 points)

Optional: You may want to start designing and creating your Bodies and Buildings Display
(Do not start the writing assignment yet.)
There are three goals for this project:
1.     You must demonstrate a command of content vocabulary related to structures in the organ systems found in the human body.
2.     You must demonstrate an ability to compare the form and function of structures found in the human body to structures found in a building or house.  You must include a diagram or physical model that helps you to visually compare bodies and buildings.
3.     You must produce a detailed writing assignment that describes the function of body and building structures and shows the similarities between them.

in Codex:
1. Complete page 206
2. Read pages 207-213
3. Complete pages 214-215

Social Studies
Enjoy your vacation!

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