Monday, May 1, 2017

Homework Number 4-33 (05/01/2017)
The New York State Mathematics Exam begins tomorrow and will last for three days.  During this time, we will continue to give homework so that students stay engaged with the content for each subject and continue to prepare for exams that will be taken later this month.  If any parent would like to exclude his or her student from one of these assignments, he or she may write a note and that student will be excused.

Thank you.

2015 State Test Questions
Please complete the last five questions (47-57).

Read the Lab on page 259 of your textbook.  

  1. Explain why giving the measurements (numbers) for each fluid is a strength.
  2. Explain why leaving the time out of step two of the procedure and failing to take measurements for step five are limitations.  How will these limitations have a negative impact on the data in your experiment?

Please copy the Word Generation words and their definitions into your vocabulary notebook.

Social Studies

  1. Write down the claim for the essay question on page 579 of your textbook.  Give a piece of evidence to support this claim.  Cite the document.
  2. Write down the counterclaim.  Give a piece of evidence to support this counterclaim.  Cite the document.

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