Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Homework Number 4-40 (05/10/2017)

Select an animal that you would like to study.  (Pick an animal that we discussed in class or think of an animal that you want to know more about.  Use textbook pages 514-533 for help.)  Your choice should be an animal that you can find at the Staten Island Zoo or somewhere else close by.

  1. Identify the name of the animal (common and scientific names.)
  2. Identify a second animal (just in case).
  3. Describe the appearance of your first choice animal.  Be specific.
  4. Is your animal a vertebrate or an invertebrate?
  5. Is your animal an ectotherm or an endotherm?
  6. Identify one important adaptation that allows your animal to thrive.

Coraline (to page 95)
The Giver (to page 79)
The Color of Water (to page 83)
The Glass Castle (to page 91)

Social Studies
Your list of 100 facts, figures, and ideas is due on Monday.  Remember to write on loose-leaf and cite your sources (title and author or website).

Graded as a quiz: one point per fact (100 points)
(You will only receive credit if you cite your sources.)

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